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Young Foodies is the UK’s community of the most exciting food and drink brands; sharing knowledge, experience and access to solutions that make the everyday easier for challenger brands.

Building best-in-class

We help our brands hire superstar grads or experienced hires, find the best consultants for their specific project or temporary needs, and train up their team on industry knowledge or skills.

Develop a robust

We help run our brand’s day-to-day operations, deliver consulting projects and audits, check packaging labels for compliance and provide in-house legal advisory services.

Gain economies of

We give our brands access to fit-for purpose and cost-effective solutions including, syndicated field marketing services, negotiated supplier discounts and a toolkit of useful tools & templates.

Access the right

We help our brands to find best-fit industry investors, support them to develop their pitch and financial readiness, and manage the end-to-end fundraising process with them.

Think we can help?

Our Promise

We believe in start-ups and we want them to enjoy some of the benefits of bigger businesses. By working together we can save each other time, money and lots of sleepless nights Googling barcodes...!

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Too young for all this?

If you’re pre-launch or just getting started, Young Foodies Lite is just for you. It covers all the basics of starting a food & drink business in the UK and, yes, it’s free!

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