Helping our brands
find brilliant consultant
and contractor talent

We’ve heard it a few times now

You’re great at the job and feel confident in your abilities, but would prefer not to worry about everything that comes with running your own business - the business development; the legals; the day rate conversations…

We have created our Associates programme for people like you: we make it easy for great consultants to work with great brands.

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How we help?

Firstly, as an associate you’re a part of our extended team. It can be lonely working by yourself - we know the importance of having someone to bounce ideas off and sometimes just share the bad days with.

Universal pricing

You are great at something but might not enjoy selling yourself. We believe excellent people should be heard so let us share you with the world!

Pricing chats

It’s hard to know where to benchmark your pricing and even harder to have the conversation. We support you to establish fair rates and then deal with these conversations for you.

The legals

As a consultant or contractor, you need to ensure your legals are watertight. We have standard documents that our brands sign up to, saving you the pain.

Paid on time

You send us timesheets for any work you do as an Associate and we pay you once per month for all your client work. No more invoicing stress.

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How does it work?
You complete our Associates form, outlining a bit about you and what your strengths and weaknesses are.
If we think you could be a great fit, we invite you in for an interview.
If successful, we have a good chat about your rates and you sign our contract.
We give you access to our online handbook and invite you to an immersion morning to bring you in the YF way.
We give you a starter kit so you can hit the ground running YF style with any new client.

Sound good?

If you want to get involved, then you can either apply to become an associate by filling out the application form below.

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